Wali Muhmmad Khan

In 1968 Wali. Khan dared to dream… His vision inspired millions to leap beyond, creating new milestones in entertainment and media. At present, the Wali films stands at the pinnacle of achievement, ready to embark on a new era and face new challenges with open arms – taking Pakistan successfully across the 21st Century and ensuring that our aspirations remain wail films.

The pleasure to success is not in success itself, but the journey leading up to it… Boldly go where no one dares; aspire what no one has dreamed of; thrive on possibilities that point to a prosperous tomorrow.”

Nazir Khan
Chief Operation officer (Wali Motion Picture)

An B.Sc, SSC USA. Nazir khan has been prominent name in Pakistani media as a columnist for various publications with nearly a decade of experience, Khan established himself as a credible and widely respected professional with holistic 360-degree experience in film production, marketing, syndication, and distribution.